Agenda IDS – “Second Medical Use Patents: enforcement and skinny label”


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25/04/2024 - 10h00





Agenda IDS – “Second Medical Use Patents: enforcement and skinny label”

Agenda IDS 2024: In celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day, Dannemann Siemsen Institute (IDS) welcomed experts to speak about relevant issues on second medical use patents.

This event discussed issues related to patents for second medical uses, such as: the protection and enforcement of these patents; the practice of skinny labeling; how Brazil and the UK regulate the matter and how the courts of these two countries have resolved disputes on the subject; among other topics.

IDS invited two specialists to take part in the debate:

Amy Cullen talked about how the United Kingdom address this subject.
Bernardo Marinho Fontes Alexandre discussed the matter from a Brazilian perspective.


Amy Cullen – Amy is a senior associate in Bristows’ IP Litigation department in London, with a particular focus on patent litigation. Amy’s practice includes patent disputes in the pharmaceutical, telecoms and consumer products sectors.

Bernardo Marinho Fontes Alexandre – Bernardo is a partner at Dannemann Siemsen, advisor of the Dannemann Siemsen Institute, an attorney at law, and an engineer. His practice focuses on patents, acting in both patent strategic litigation and administrative prosecution.


Patricia Porto – Patricia is the academic coordinator at Dannemann Siemsen Institute.


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