Agenda IDS “Amendments to Patent Claims – Global Updates”


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25/04/2023 - 09h30am, Rio de Janeiro time, Brazil





“Agenda IDS “Amendments to Patent Claims – Global Updates”

Agenda IDS 2023: In anticipation of the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day, Dannemann Siemsen Institute (IDS) welcomes a team of experts to speak about relevant issues on amendments to patent claims.

This is a topic that raises great discussions – not only in Brazil, but in other jurisdictions -, such as:

• The allowable scope and extent of the amendments to a patent application claim;

• The time limit for making claim amendments;

• The treatment given to this subject among the different jurisdictions.

To analyze these and other issues, IDS Advisory Board Member, Mr. Gustavo de Freitas Morais, will moderate a virtual table discussion with a group of specialists:

Mr. Ankush Verma, from India, will speak about the regulation of the amendments to patent claims in this country and will comment about an important precedent of the Delhi High Court;

Dr. Alexander Wyrwoll, from Germany, will address this subject as regulated by the European Patent Convention and as treated by the European Patent Office;

Ms. Monique Rodrigues Teixeira, from Brazil, will comment, among other topics, about how the Brazilian Industrial Property Law legislates this matter and the understanding of BRPTO on this regard.

Mr. Ankush Verma

Lawyer, Patent Agent, and Managing Associated at Remfry & Sagar. Master’s degrees in Chemistry (from Rutgers University, USA, and from the University of Delhi, India).

Dr. Alexander Wyrwoll

Engineer, Patent Attorney and Partner at Winter, Brandl. PhD in engineering, Masters in mechanical engineering, Master of Law in European IP Law. Member of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorney- FICPI.

Ms. Monique Rodrigues Teixeira

Pharmacist, Industrial Property Agent, and Partner at Dannemann Siemsen. Patent specialist trained by the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) and Asia-Pacific Industrial Property Center (APIC).

Mr. Gustavo de Freitas Morais

Lawyer, Electrical Engineer, Industrial Property Agent. Partner at Dannemann Siemsen. Specialization in Intellectual Property at the Franklin Pierce Law Center (USA) and on Artificial Intelligence at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Dr. Patricia Porto

Lawyer and Researcher. Academic Coordinator at Dannemann Siemsen Institute. PhD in Public Policies, Strategies and Development (UFRJ), MsC in Intellectual Property (INPI).

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