Webinar: “We have ratified the Nagoya Protocol, what now?”

Brazil's ratification of the Nagoya Protocol has created a series of uncertainties about how companies that access genetic resources in Brazil should proceed. Likewise, those who...

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I Interdisciplinary Seminar on Civil Procedure and Industrial Property

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Industrial Property Law and 5 years of the Civil Procedure Code, the Dannemann Siemsen Institute (IDS) will organize a free seminar with great names from the national legal scene.

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Webinar: “The Google v. Oracle Case and its Implications to the Software Industry”

For discussing the case, the legal issues before the court, the arguments of the majority and dissenting opinions and the impacts of the ruling to the software industry, the Dannemann Siemsen Institute (IDS) has invited Ryan Vacca, distinguished Professor of the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law (USA), for a free and exclusive webinar.

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