Founded in 2001, the IDS was conceived by Peter Dirk Siemsen, honorary senior partner of the Dannemann Siemsen law firm, and one of the world’s most respected and well-known IP professionals.

Peter’s idea was creating a non-profit organization to promote the dialogue between different actors and to disseminate an effective culture of intellectual property protection in Brazil.

The first Executive Director of IDS was Gert Egon Dannemann, a highly respected professional, whose work was also decisive in strengthening the institutions related to intellectual property rights in the country.

Under Gert’s leadership, IDS took off and nowadays holds a prominent position in the intellectual property scene and in the debate regarding the protection of intangible assets.

Peter Dirk Siemsen

Gert Egon Dannemann

We believe in the value
of intellectual property
and innovation.
But more than this,
we are inspired by them.