Is Brazil poised to seize China’s counterfeit crown?

by Jose Henrique Vasi Werner

October 30, 2015


By Jose Henrique Vasi Werner

As the Chinese economy grows and the country comes under increasing international pressure to boost IP protection, Brazil looks set to overtake it as the world capital of counterfeits. Rights holders need to act now to protect their brands

The next few decades are likely to see a big change in the fields of counterfeiting and piracy. Although China is still the number one producer of counterfeit goods in the world, the predictions are that other countries will soon catch up. At the same time as coordinated global actions have resulted in counterfeiters in China suffering big losses, there has been a surge in counterfeiting in other countries – including Brazil.

Over the last 10 years, there has been a significant rise in the number of factories in Brazil that are capable of the large-scale manufacture of counterfeit goods. In certain sectors, Brazilian factories are already exporting counterfeit products to the Americas and other countries across the world.

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