Quote from the book “Patents – Legal Solutions Series” in the judgment session of Constitutional Challenge ADI 5529

10 de maio de 2021


On May 5th, at the trial session of Constitutional Challenge ADI 5529 at the Supreme Court, Minister Kassio Nunes Marques cited the book “Patents – Legal Solutions Series”, by the partners Ivan Ahlert and Eduardo Camara Jr. Published in 2019, the work was launched by the Dannemann Siemsen Institute during the ABPI Congress that same year.

This is a book that deals with the importance of industrial property and its applications. With practical cases, it studies the issues related to the matter based on the legal provisions and the available jurisprudence.

The publication also discusses the different types of infringement of patent rights and their exceptions, including comments on the specific theme of the interpretation of the claims that define the scope of protection provided by patents. In addition, the book provides updated case law as supplementary material.

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